Out of the Infinite...

We exist in one of among countless universes. Each universe is based on the principle that every possible outcome has occurred and each new possibility spawns a separate universe. These universes exist together, an infinite collection of realities that share the same space-time with us, separated by a thin dimensional membrane of our own limits of perception. Much like how a radio will tune in to a single station out of many, our perceptions typically keep us tuned to our specific station, IE our reality.


Life has evolved many wonderful abilities, sight, movement, etc. Some life has even, to a lesser or greater degree, developed consciousness... this is what is called a soul by traditional religions. Humans, above all other species on our planet (in our dimension anyway), were fortunate enough to have evolved brains that allowed a very strong connection between dimensions to other identical brains. To share the energy we generate. We are all connected to all the energy of all of our alternate selves, and the energy of those around us to some degree. The energy from so many other near-identical animal brains imbues us with something very special, sentience.

One soul, from infinite copies of ourselves.

This is the fundamental source of some of the basic things that make up what we know of as our consciousness; awareness, imagination, fears, confidence, trepidation, intuition, everything that separates us from inanimate objects. We are self-aware intelligences due to this connection to infinite copies of ourselves that exist throughout the multi-verse. Without it, we would only be animals of the lowest order.


Take special note: This is not the theory that there is a mass consciousness that creates reality as we observe it. We observe our reality as the unique version that we in this universe are part of and a connection exists in our brains that crosses that collapsed wave function. This is what fundamentally creates consciousness. There will be lengthy writing on this subject as there are a lot of complex ideas contained in this understanding of ourselves.

The Infinite Us

On this site you will find writings that use the above belief to answer many questions of our existence. To show that our actions and choices here affect all the other infinite versions of ourselves and how that circles back to affecting our current reality. To explain much of the unexplainable. This will include some guides on life, death, morality, etc. Once we understand how the multiverse works we can make wise decisions for our reality.

This is not a religion, per se. There is no god in this endeavor, nor is there no god. That is not the point. What this does do is replace many of the theological answers to the great questions of life with something based on the well-accepted Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.


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