Chapter 1 - What is the Soul

The Infinite Us

The Infinite You is the consciousness and collective intelligence that arises from the unimaginable number of “Yous” that exist in parallel universes, connected, yet largely unaware of each other. Decisions in our lives alter where we live, who we interact with, in fact every decision we have ever made forms our basic understanding of our own existence. Each possible outcome of those decisions forms another universe. An infinite number of copies of the entire universe are formed every moment, these realities are similar yet increasingly different. Your connection to the Infinite “Yous” fluctuates based on the distance of the various “Yous” in relative space. The longer you live in a place, the more it feels like home. Because the more decisions you make every day that do not alter where you live creates more “Yous” in the same spatial vicinity, strengthening your consciousness.

Chapter 1 - What is the Soul

Chapter 1 - What is the Soul

The Soul

What is the soul?

The soul is more than just a collection of memories and instincts, those things that exist within our physical brains that can be measured. It is consciousness, feelings, intuition, imagination, the ability to contemplate the meaning of our existence and our role in the universe. The soul is that which makes you an individual in our reality.

We can describe the soul in hundreds of different ways, but defining what it truly is, why do we have one, and where did it come from has been the focus of philosophers and theologians since we were able to ask the question "What am I?" which is in and of itself an indication of consciousness.

In the simplest of terms: the soul is energy.

More specifically it is energy that crosses the dimensions of the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics at a frequency or wave-length that our brains have evolved to both receive and broadcast. This energy links each copy of us together directly and to varying degrees to the energy of every person and similar animal throughout the multiverse.

Imagine a vast ocean comprised of an infinite number of separate liquids that never fully mix together. Each liquid is made up of a near infinite number of slightly different complex molecules whose ratio is always changing. So that each separate liquid is always in flux but always it's own discreet liquid, unique from all the others.

Each liquid is able to attract or repel other liquids tied to the interactions of each of those different complex molecules to form pockets of similar liquids that are partially mixed. A rare few of these liquids in each pocket are so mixed together that variations in their chemical makeup alter the chemical makeup of the other liquids they are mixed with.

The you that is reading this article is one of those complex molecules. All of the "Yous" throughout the multiverse form the discreet liquid that is your soul. All the other liquids are everyone else's souls. The souls that are mixing with your soul are the people in your life. The more they are involved in your life the more mixed that mart of their soul is with yours and the more their energy changes yours and vice-versa.

Each one of these concepts will be explored in detail in later chapters and other books, so don't stress if this doesn't make 100% sense to you at this stage.

How old is the soul?


Can souls be Created or Destroyed?


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