Local Consciousness Group

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When your conscious energy first cohered there were an inconceivably large number of physical "yous" throughout the multiverse. With each new decision of yours and of those around you more and more "yous" formed. The "yous that made similar decisions and lead similar lives form the Local Consciousness Group.

Imagine that the flow of time you experience is like a highway, and there is a sea of other "yous" slowly going down it, each in their own vehicles. As time goes on decisions are made and some of you get off and head down other roads. Sometimes a few get off. Sometimes a great many of you get off. All based on their own decisions. These other roads sometimes run near parallel to yours. Other times they veer far off and you never see sign of them again.

The ones that drive closest to you form your Local Consciousness Group. These are the "yous" whose lives are substantially similar to yours. They live in the same place, or have the same job as you. Maybe they wore different shoes or slept late one day but their lives are not drastically different from yours and so your connection to them and their lives is the strongest.

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