Intertwined Consciousnesses

Intertwined Consciousnesses

Our infinite consciousness shares a connection with countless other consciousnesses based on our dimensional proximity. Our Local Consciousness Group (LCG) is connected, to a greater or lesser degree, to others' LCGs in what is known as the Local Mesh. There are a rare few of those connections that are especially strong and we call these Intertwined Consciousnesses.

When you deeply share your existence with someone else; a very close friend, an especially close sibling, or a lover, a connection is formed as more and more of your Local Consciousness Groups shares this close existence. The more time you spend with someone, in close proximity and engaging in the same activities together, the stronger this connection. As time goes on there naturally becomes so many of "yous", with such strong connections, that your LCG's form a special consciousness of it's own.

Think about it: when you spend enough time with someone else some interesting things happen. You can feel their presence without being directly aware that they are there. You can often finish each others sentences. When something is troubling them you feel troubled, even before they show any overt, outward signs. When you start to dial their number they already have their phone out... without even knowing why. When things go bad, things get really bad. The disruption to your own consciousness when this person lies, cheats, gets hurt, or leaves is extreme.

Note: there is nothing inherently special about a potential Intertwined Consciousness. They are typically built, not destined. This connection can from regardless of previous life connections, though those that endure across time receive their own classification: (Pending), which is analogous to our understanding of a soulmate.

The term "soulmate" despite its interesting and colorful history, is a real phenomenon... just not limited to lovers. It is in fact related to those persistent connections that form part of our Enduring Core Consciousness, but more on that in a different post.

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