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The Infinite You

The Infinite You is the consciousness and collective intelligence that arises from the unimaginable number of “Yous” that exist in parallel universes, connected, yet largely unaware of each other. Decisions in our lives alter where we live, who we interact with, in fact, every decision we have ever made forms our basic understanding of our own existence. Each possible outcome of those decisions forms another universe. An infinite number of copies of the entire universe are formed every moment, these realities are similar yet increasingly different. Your connection to the Infinite “Yous” fluctuates based on the distance of the various “Yous” in relative space. The longer you live in a place, the more it feels like home. Because the more decisions you make every day that do not alter where you live creates more “Yous” in the same spatial vicinity, strengthening your consciousness.

Actions and Repercussions

Every action or inaction is amplified into the infinite and returned back to you. What has been known before as Karma, Divine intervention, or a myriad of different names has a basis in fact.

The Infinite You is a deeply connected entity. Your Local Consciousness Group forms a web of interconectivity with other consciousnesses to form The Local Mesh. The decisions you make effect not just those around you, in your physical dimension, but also those across dimensions.

You might be thinking, "If every possible option I can choose is made in the multiverse then what difference does it make what I do here as the opposite becomes true in alternate realities?" And that is a smart question to ask! If you have not yet read the post on Creatures of Habit it would be helpful to do so now before moving on. Basically, your Local Consciousness Group means there is a collection of "yous" that are substantially similar. They will make similar decisions based on the predominant habits of that particular group and those of the larger Local Mesh.

Imagine it like this: You love pizza. Have it every week on Saturday as a treat from healthy eating (you do eat healthy right?!). You then start a relationship with someone who hated pizza before they met you (their past experiences all had anchovies, YUCK!). But, you show them the error of their ways. You start having pizza with them every week. Their Local Consciousness Group begins to be filled with those who now like pizza. Even the ones who aren't dating you have a diminished dislike for pizza, they don't know why but tastes just change for no reason right? 🙂 Of course the opposite is true as well and now there is a Local Consciousness Group of you that now hates pizza... but you get the basic idea.

When you wrong someone you increase the likelihood of wronging that person across dimensions. That negative wave will reverberate back to you, because in an infinite number of dimensions that wronged person will take some kind of action in response. Their Local Consciousness Group generates negative feelings towards "yous" that didn't even wrong them! As wrong is returned with wrong the damage to the infinite builds and can be felt in trepidation, fear, anxiousness, and many other negative consequences. Ever just instantly hate, or feel strongly negative about a certain person for no logical reason? They haven't done anything to you that you know of... at least not in our dimension...

The opposite is wonderfully true. As you pursue positive actions the effects become amplified throughout existence. Which will then touch others, guiding those around you to similar actions.

The more good or bad that you do the stronger the amplification, and the more it gets reverberated back to you. This is especially true if that behavior is, or becomes, a habit of yours. Seems as though the old superstition of what you put out into the universe you get back thrice-fold was only wrong in it's magnitude.

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