Levels of Interconnected Consciousness

Levels of Interconnected Consciousness

The levels of consciousness that make up The Infinite You are not hierarchical, rather they are cyclical. One feeding into the next feeding into the next and so on forming a feedback loop of consciousness.

Everything that is uniquely YOU

  • Individual Consciousness
    The Consciousness we experience in our own dimension. The separate thoughts and feelings that we experience directly.
  • Local Consciousness Group
    These are the Individual Consciousnesses across the multiverse whose lives are substantially similar to each other. They live in the same place, or have the same job as you, have similar habits, etc.
  • The Infinite You
    A single entities' collective consciousness, formed from the multitude of Individual Consciousness, regardless of their group.

Our consciousness is not alone in the multiverse. Our individual connection to each other consciousness alters our relationship with it. We separate this connection into levels to make them easier to understand.

  • The Local Mesh
    A collection of Local Consciousnesses whose lives intertwine to some degree.
  • Intertwined Consciousnesses
    When Individual Consciousnesses within a Local Mesh spend significant time together they develop a special connection.

All of the above forms a multi-dimensional web that reacts to some stimulus more than others based on how "close" the connection is, dimensionally speaking.

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