The Local Mesh

The Local Mesh

When several different peoples' Local Consciousness Groups (LCG) share similar lives we call this The Local Mesh.

Your LCG's family, schoolmates/coworkers, friends... even neighbors. Anyone whose LCG intersects with yours. The more their Local Group has in common with your Local Group the tighter the connection. Interactions are the key to forming, and maintaining, a Local Mesh, the intensity and the frequency of the interactions with a given person the will determine how the connections in the mesh develop. (See: The Importance of Being Social)

Our Local Mesh is constantly in flux as new LCGs join and old ones move away. Every interaction reverberates throughout the mesh (see: Actions and Repercussions)

This is generally the most complex level of interconnection where we can still directly feel the effects from, and influence the lives of, others.


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